Kingdom Connectors Small Group Ministry
This ministry is in charge of administering our small groups program here at the church.  
Leader, vacant

Kingdom Kids Nursery
This ministry provides oversees the Nursery service that we provide during our Sunday morning services and during select ministry events.
Leader, Anyssa Stokes

Ladies of the Dust
A very special group of women who are faithful in keeping the Sanctuary, and the altar of God’s church in order in preparation for Sunday worship services.
Leader, Elder Maxine Hall

Media  Center
Encouragement of spiritual growth is available from several arms of St. John’s.  One of those is the Media Ministry which provides recordings of St. John’s worship services, internet access to worship and Bible study through, providing St. John’s gear, and coordinating television broadcasts.
Leader, Amber Walrond

Mighty Men of God
The men of St. John’s experience opportunities specifically designed to bring the men of the church together for prayer, worship, support, and fellowship.  Some activities sponsored by this ministry are My Brother’s Keeper, and Men’s Monthly Worship.  
Leader, Frank Staples

Music Ministry 
This ministry leads us into the presence of the Lord through the singing of psalms, hymns & spiritual songs. Every person who is a part of this ministry serves because they are called by God to serve His people, and want to provide an avenue by which others may be drawn into His presence.
Leader, Minister Aarif Bradley