New Members
This is the ministry that is charged with providing information to our new members regarding the rights and responsibility of membership at St. John’s.  The orientation process informs new members about what we believe (our doctrine), our core values, the history of the church, as well as general information that new members need to know.
Leader, Diaconate Ministry 

Philip Ministry
A group that meets prospective members at the altar, providing assistance to new believers at the time they give their lives to Christ during worship services.
Leader, Deacons Derrick & Evelyn Henry 

Scholarship Ministry
This ministry oversees our annual Graduation Sunday and also administers the multiple scholarships that our congregation offers to our students.
Leader, Frank Staples

Seasoned Saints
One of our most active ministries, our senior members enjoy a monthly Drop-In Day, bi-weekly book discussion, opportunities for group travel, and annual social events.
Leader, vacant

Sisters in the Spirit
The women’s ministry which provides opportunities for corporate worship, and prayer, an annual Prayer Breakfast, and Women’s Conference. 
Leader, First Lady Jamina McFadden